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I’d like to introduce you to Tammy of Virtual Tech. She has been building websites with respect to a business owners budgets for many years. Her service after the sale is what I find to be the key to her longevity and solid reputation. Thought you may want to reach out as you research a new vendor.

-Beth Haase, Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce

Good job!   Got back from a week in Rockford and had 17 orders waiting for me.  Think we reached a GOOD balance in the shipping.   Thank you

-William Engelmann, Something-New Jewelry Cleaner

Tammy,  I am fine with the present set of terms. I was just asking for your input based on something you may see in the reports I am provided that I as a land surveyor may not see. I know even my competitors have commented that our company comes up first when they search for a land surveyor.

-Bob Reider , Carow Land Surveying

Thank you Tammy! Thank you for being so quick to get things done, we appreciate it!!

-Crystal Abler, Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center

Thanks - and we love you guys!!!

-Heidi Lee De La Teja, De La Teja Studio

You’re awesome!

-R. J. Foster, Wordsmithing by Foster

I just listed a few new classes. It is much easier than before, so that is great for me.  Just wanted to let you know that we have received many positive comments about our website, so thanks to you and your team.

-Sandy Gawinski, Tri County Driving School

"Thank you for submitting my Web site to the more powerful search engines. I am once again getting requests."

-Cindy Reffee, Quest Marketing

Thanks for the reply! I don’t believe we will be proceeding with them. I am comfortable with your company and know that you will do the best work you can! I know that you have stood the test of time.

-Brigit R Duley, Martenson and Eisele, Inc.

Tammy, Just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your team on our recent Website update. Thank you for your time, patience, and expertise in making our site more manageable and creating an up-to-date look something our customers can use and present to clients.  Also wanted to check if we need a digital copy of our Logo is that available from you. It was a pleasure working with you.

-Chantal Hammer, E.C. Manger & Son Company

You’re the best. Thank you to everyone at Virtualtech for making this process as easy as possible!

-Paul Backhaus , Source Mountain Supply

I just got a call from a woman who searched the Internet for a "florist near darboy".  She said my website was just beautiful...she couldn’t say it enough.
So...here’s another hug :)

-Michelle Northey , Flower Girl Design Studio

Sounds like a plan.  By the way, I LOVE the website.  We worked really well together…don’t you think?  I do!

-Ross Rosenberg, Clnical Care Consultants

Tammy, This looks phenomenal. I absolutely love the look and feel of the website. I am beyond happy with it!! I am so excited, can’t wait to have people checking it out. You guys are extremely talented... could not have come up with such a neat layout myself...that is for sure! Thank you so much, you have no idea how many headaches you have saved us. You’re awesome.

-Bailey Kitzerow, Conquer Martial Arts

We are very happy with our new website.  We will be depending on it more as we begin to publicize resources again.  We also appreciated Tammy’s helpfulness in helping to set it up and her patience.  Every time we have had any questions or problems with the site she has been there for us. Thank you Virtualtech!

-Rhonda Buhrke, Executive Director, Family Crossfires Ministries, Inc.

THANK YOU for meeting w/ me today.  You answered all my questions and I felt good about our discussion.  Kudos to Drew & Connie as well - you’ve got a pleasant "customer - friendly" staff.     It’s great working w/ VT.  I feel like I’m part of a team that really wants to help us enhance our business.

-Joel K. Jarvis, Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center

FYI, the firm just picked up a client from Texas who raved about the website. The firm regularly gets compliments on the website and the logo!

-Callie Lacy , Strang, Patteson, Renning, Lewis, & Lacy, s.c.

Tammy - Thank you to you and your company for assisting us the past couple months. It has been a true pleasure and we are very happy with the end results.

-Kevin Herman, World Wide Sign Systems, Inc.

Awesome response today to my call…saved the day.  I am SO busy/trying to send out a mass email in between inspections and had an emergency situation – so ideal to get immediate support.  Love it!

-Dan and Colleen Kutchin, HomeEx - The Home Examiner

I just wanted to share with you that I just approved our first online fundraiser and to thank you so much for all of your help to make this happen.  Reading Dominic’s story just made all of the work worth it.  Wanted to share with all of you because it never would have happened without your dedication and willingness to make it great!
God’s Blessings to All of You!!! 

-Carol Brauer, Celebration of Hope

Thanks Tammy it seems to be working great now. I appreciate the support you & your team have continually given.

-Ken Sankey, Firegold

I think that works for now – thanks!  You guys are so easy to work with – thank you SO much for making my job easier.

-Brooke Hess

Thank you for all your efforts and hard work.  It really pays off for us!

-Vern Schmitt

Simply enough, AWESOME! Looks really good!!!

-David Dall, Clarke Builders

I am finding Virtualtech's email to be very user friendly and it has easy to figure out any issues that I have had. I also printed the documents that you sent me with directions. Thank you for making this transition so seamless for me!

-Jody Hergert-Andresen

Thank you guys for everything! The sight looks better then we expected and you guys have been a bigger help then we couldve hoped! We both appreciate it VERY MUCH! Guessing everything will be perfect soon enough and you wont have to hear from us very often. WOW! I love it! I will have Aaron check it out tonight when he gets home but I myself am very happy with it. Thank you! You guys hit another home run!!

-Chad and Aaron

Ok this all makes wonderful sense, I am so glad that you're able to talk in dum dum speak to us who dont really GET the behind the scenes stuff for the web sites. You realize you are the only web designer I have worked with that has done this?  Watching, researching, tweaking, changing, and then describing the whole process in a way that is understandable? Seriously girl. Kudos!

-Kim Hansen

Tammy, I just want to say thank you for your time and talent, that you show to me this morning.  I am so exited to work with you and your team.  I feel I have found what I was looking for.
Thank you!!!!!

-Ruben Contreras

Hi Tammy,  I talked to Mike today to process our payment for optimizing our website. Whatever you are doing is working!! We have had 4 call in leads from the website which were all good leads. 1 was from Chicago for training and 1 from S. C. for a rental of a monitor. Just wanted to let you know so you can keep on doing whatever is working.


Thank you for all you that you do for this group. We appreciate it more than you know! Sue

-Sue Lamers

You’re the best!   Thanks for the fast work.

-Mark Dupont

I had my first online website  estimate yesterday and they said that they were very impressed with the site. Thank you again for all your hard work.

-Dan Watters

I thank you again for the work you did on the web-site I feel fortunate to have met up with you. People are constantly complimenting me on the website you guys rock.

-Hal Cooper

Thank you!  You guys did an awesome job on it!

-Rebecca Mueller

Tammy is a very knowledgeable business person who is also an excellent instructor.  This was the most beneficial business class I have every taken! 

-Bill Linssen

Tammy, I wanted to send you a quick note.  I just noticed our new site is up and running.  THANK YOU to both yourself and Jason for all of your work.  The new site looks great.  We are very pleased with the end result.  Jason was outstanding to work with!  We are off to our trade show in California tomorrow and very appreciative that you expedited this project for us so we can show it off.  Thanks again!

-Mark W. Cochrane

Whatever you are doing for us is working well - yeah! 

-JeanMarie Hinds

Thank you!  That’s a great idea…I will attach a photo or two.  I really appreciate your ideas…I tell everyone how great you are to work with!


"How can I thank you you are the best and you always help me in everything. This is a great way of responding to the customer. Again thanks a million."

-Katy Yashar, Cal-Royal

"Wow! Once again I am amazed by your customer service -- this time long after business hours. My day job is in IT, and I'd be a lucky man if more companies in our industry had your level of commitment to their clients. Thanks so much! "PS: In case you didn't know this yet, I'm a huge fan of your company. Let me know if I can be a reference for you at some point."

-Luke Beschta

"Dear Tammy, Just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hard work and dedication to the Paperfest site. We are all thrilled with the results. You didn’t have a whole lot of time and yet you were able to pull it all together into a site that can only continue to get better with time as more info is added. Thank you so much I really appreciate what you and Mike did for Paperfest."

-Cindy Reffke, Paperfest

"I have had raving remarks from family, friends, and customers alike concerning the website. The most exciting part is I have already booked a couple more stays from website visits! I also had a gentleman tell me "you have so much to do there", which tells me you were able to accomplish what I was aiming for on the activities page. Thanks again for dealing with my constant changes and pickiness."

-Kristine Ruehl, The Hotel Stebbins

"Good morning Tammy. I just wanted to send you a short note to say thank you for all of your and Mike’s help in creating a website for us at DACCO Inc. of Wisconsin that actually works!! Since we have come to you with our concerns, needs, and desires for a website that is user friendly, easy to navigate, and productive; you have not only met our needs but have gone beyond. Thank you. The website looks great with its design and coordination of our logos, pictures, products and manufacturers. It definitely is user friendly, easy to navigate, and most of all informative for the customer and for all of us at DACCO. We get many hits, and inquiries weekly because of your hard work in the areas of design, marketing, and your consistency in keeping our website within the top of the larger search engines. Thanks for all of your help, and all that you have done to help us keep our business where we desire to be. To be a business that is customer friendly, constantly in front of our customers and the public, while remaining efficient, easy to work with, simple to communicate with, and meeting our customer’s needs. We appreciate you and Mike, and Virtualtech for helping create for us, a very important sales tool. It has helped us to become more efficient in our sales and our customer service. Our customer service remains a constant foundation and reliable part of our business. You have helped us at DACCO to remain reliable to our customers, because we have been able to rely on you at Virtualtech. It is a joy and a pleasure to be working with you."

-John Hartenstein, DACCO Inc. of Wisconsin

"WOW!!! That was FAST! I was expecting Monday at the earliest! How about a raving testimonial to your customer service!!!!!!!! An ABOVE & BEYOND award to Virtualtech."

-Lynn Kutz, Medically Sound Mobile Massage

"’Tis absolutely perfect. Wow! What a great response time, Tammy. You are amazing. Thanks once again for saving the day!"

-Sue Bogenschutz, Atlas Coffee Mill

"Hi Tammy! I just wanted to let you know in the past 5 days I had 2 people from the website. Different demographics, an 18 year old girl and a 50 year old man. They both liked the website a lot and said it looked very professional and it made them decide where to get their massages. So thanks again!"

-Inna Mazur, The Massage Factory

"I flew those people from Appleton this morning. They found me on the web and didn’t want to fly over just farmland so they came all the way here. They even waited two days for the weather to cooperate. It was for her 50th birthday. Without the web site, they would have never came to New York! Cool."

-Sean Quigley, Balloons Over Letchworth

"Hi Tammy, I talked with HVECC today and they are going to get back to me by Monday. One of the doctors went to your site and got so caught up in the site you created for staircases (www.arcways.com), that he never went back to your information. He was extremely pleased with what he saw. So was the general manager, she thought everything you had was very user friendly. Like I said they promised me an answer Monday."

-Rita Clark, RC Media

"First, I’d like to say this website is looking awesome! You got to the Wow! A few little changes, but I’m really happy with what it looks like. I like the flash. In fact with a flash, its hard to look at anything else (I’m like a a crow with something shiny I guess)."

-Geof White, Valley Window Cleaning, Inc.

"Tammy, you and Mike are doing a phenomenal job on our Web site. We couldn’t be happier!"  I’m getting lots of positive feedback on the site. You and Mike need to know how much we appreciate your consistent & efficient handling of our updates.

-Mike LeMay, Q90 FM

"Tammy, we are very happy with our decision to start a website and go with Virtualtech. We have seen e-commerce sales from the website, but more importantly we are seeing a larger sales bump as a result of the overall awareness."

-Dave Doxsie, Map Solutions, LLC

WOW! You work fast! I really like the layout you've come up with.
Thanks, Jerry"


"There are many reasons for the growth we have had, but I’d have to say that the Web site is a big one. I get people from all over the world for balloon rides now. Many have told me that they would have never visited or heard of Letchworth State Park if they hadn’t found my Web site! One lady flew from Arkansas last year just to fly in the balloon. She checked out all the balloon ride Web sites and liked mine the best. She had never even been to New York State!"

-Sean Quigley, Balloons Over Letchworth

"Until I met Tammy Miller of Virtualtech, adding a web site to my marketing plan was always put on hold and other marketing efforts were chosen. I was skeptical of web sites and their strength as a marketing tool. I thought them to be too expensive and too time consuming to create for a start up business such as mine. Virtualtech and Tammy’s team of experts turned me into a believer." "Tammy met with me and laid out a plan explaining cost, maintenance, my role in web site development and a timetable for us to follow. My part of the plan was to write what I wanted prospects to read when they traveled to the Quest Marketing, Inc. site from the about us page to the various services offered. I explained to Tammy that I wanted animated characters tied to my logo and Camelot theme. She chose animated characters to match the business services offered. In addition Tammy set up the best search engines to direct browsers to the site. Today the Quest Marketing, Inc. site draws 100s of readers and potential clients who want to do business or learn more about the services we offer. In other words HOT LEADS. I receive one to two leads per week and all I need to do is close the sale and reap the benefits of increased revenue. Together we developed a site I am proud to advertise on all my marketing collateral materials." "I highly recommend choosing Virtualtech as your web site developer, a company with knowledge, expertise and professionalism. A can do attitude - they aren’t happy until you are. Together they can make a difference to your bottom line."

-Cindy Reffke, Quest Marketing, Inc.

"Thanks so much for your efforts, sound advice and most importantly your patience! I’m looking forward to developing this (site) further. We have some ideas. It’s only a matter of time... "One hit made me back my investment in the site and then some!!! One more like that and it will be making me $$$."

-Tim Eaton, Beaux Arts Studios

"Hi Tammy and Mike, just wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank you for the outstanding job you have done on marketing our site. I am continually delighted to find that our site shows up on top or near the top of the major search engines. I know our sales would not be what they are today without your professional assistance. You have definitely found the secret of putting your clients ’on top’. Thanks again."

-Don Day, Tec-Ease, Inc.

"Before we met Tammy of Virtualtech, we had been working for almost a year to get a web site put together and on-line. Not knowing exactly what to look or ask for, we found ourselves dealing with one company which never bothered to tell us any of their ideas nor answer any questions till we had paid for the site in full. We then went with another and spent over $900. For a site which in the end, never made it to the Internet. Then we found Virtualtech. They are a one stop, no hassle, professional team who showed us how easy it is to get on line. Tammy shared her fantastic ideas and thoughts on what we should and shouldn’t be doing with our company’s advertising. In a matter of days, Virtualtech had a preliminary site put together for us to see. We made very few changes and were on line within 2 weeks. Please, take my word for it or better yet, visit our site and drop me a line and let me tell you how easy it is to get a first rate professional web site that will rival your competitors, and get it on-line with Virtualtech."

-David Dall, Clarke Builders, Inc.

"Hi Tammy! I just had TONS of positive feedback about my website from a new client. She said that it looks very professional and informative. You can get a lot of information there without having to call and ask questions. She also liked the testimonials. Just thought you’d like to know."

-Inna Mazur, The Massage Factory

"Hi Tammy, I want to thank you for getting our websites up and WORKING!!!! We've been getting weekly orders again."

-Diane Pruchnofski, P&D Metal Works

"Wow! I'm speechless. Tammy, they look really great. This is perfect. I can't thank you enough for getting them up this fast! It is a wonderful blessing! Here's what Jim said when he saw them: 'Scotty and I saw them this morning and almost flipped! The photos are great, the reviews are great, the placement is great.....this is gonna be a big draw!' We're so excited! I can't thank you enough! In His Love, Dana"

-Dana DeBraal, Q90FM

"Wow! The redesigned site looks fabulous! Thanks so much for all your work. I'm really pleased with the site and how nicely it functions. Tammy, you and your team have done a wonderful job. Thank you!"

-B.J. Alexander

"Almost ALL of my new business comes in through my website. I truly believe that the future of marketing requires a great website as a main component."

-Geof White, Valley Window Cleaning

"Thanks, Tammy. As usual you have delivered great service."

-Sue Bogenschutz, Paper Creations and Atlas Coffee Mill

"Thank you so much for all that you do. You are always right on top of things, and I know I don't take the time to say great job. Thanks Again."

-Melissa Tuell, Acts 1:8 Ministry

"Hi Tammy~ The response to my web site has been wonderful! Thank you so much for the work you put into it. Lots of positive feedback."

-Silvia Golz, 'Best Friend' Companion Dog Training

"I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful presentation for the Mid-Shores web seminar this morning. It was very interesting. Wonderful tips and tools I can really use as we look to improve our current website. And now too I have some idea why a search engine shows me websites and maybe why it doesn't show me others. Again, thank you for the great educational opportunity."

-Karen Schmid, Schneider & Schneider Const. LLC

"3N Productions is in the business of communications and Virtualtech provides us the online tools and services needed to be competitive in this high-tech world. Virtualtech’s business savvy combined with their technological prowess has helped our company to professionally showcase our products and services to a global market."

-Alex Zacarias, 3N Productions, LLC

"Perfect! Man, you are good. And you work Saturdays too!"

-Sean Quigley, Balloons Over Letchworth

"Tammy, Mike and Staff. We would like to thank all of you at Virtualtech for a fast and wonderful job that you did on our website. I do not know why anyone would try and do it themselves. We have been getting great feedback and it has only been a few days since the website has been up."

-Tom and Traci Springstroh, Tom's Cabinets Inc.

"Thank you, I do appreciate your customer service. By the way, I am very impressed with the stats reports that I am able to access."

-Mike Gross, Sleeping With Your Business Partner

"Hi Tammy, Thanks for nominating us to the Chamber, we won! Yippie! Thanks for all of your support. We wouldn't be in this position without Virtualtech's continued reshaping of Arcways internet presence. Cheers! Tom"

-Tom Stilp, Arcways

"You are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love, and I mean love, the way that you designed the site.  This is exactly what I was thinking!  You are absolutely the best!  It was nice to watch the pictures change on top and then see the fireplaces... it was awesome!  Loved the wording too. You are totally gifted! We are so very glad that we went with you.

-Tracy Kunstman, Heritage Heating & Cooling, Inc.

"I wanted to say how pleased I am with your work. I have a lot of people comment on how nice the web site looks. I also like the statistics that you provide for me. If you ever need a referral, please have them call me."

-Rod Lorenz, Ralph's Hardwood Floor Company

"Thank you for all you do. I can always count on you to be prompt, courteous and efficient!"

-Lori Kowalski, Travel Design

"Wanted you to know that the office was approached by several web providers lately... In our meeting on Wednesday it was unanimous that Virtualtech has provided exceptional service and we are very happy and do not want to do anything different. (Also wanted to let you know that another gal in the vicinity of you who is a relative to one of our employees asked who did our site, when she was told it was you, she had nothing but praise for your work.) It's nice to hear those things... especially from your peer group."

-Rita Clark, HealthView Eye Care Centers

"On behalf of the Fox Valley Humane Association Board of Directors, staff, and the animals we serve, thank you for supporting us with your in-kine sponsorship. By making all the changes to our website, out readership has a simpler way to be involved in all aspects of our organization. We have received a large number of comments and all were positive regarding the changes make to the website."

-Sally Lamers, Fox Valley Humane Association

"Hi Tammy, Our website is awesome. We have added many jobs this year because of it. I am constantly e-mailing people back and setting up estimates from contacts. Very surprised that people look that much for landscape. Thanks again for the great work."

-Andy Zimmerman, A-Z Landscape

"We are coming up on our first year anniversary and I am very pleased with the results working with you folks!"

-William Engelmann, Something New Jewelry Cleaner

"Thanks so much for all the awesome things you've done with our website so far, we have gotten lots of compliments, from some real big shots, even."

-Stacy Renae, Engineered Specialties, LLC

Thank you for the excellent job you did on the web site. We are pleased with how it turned out.  I am also happy with our site ranking. We are in the top 5 under Pallets Wisconsin, Pallets Green Bay and Pallets Appleton.

-Jeff Van Zeeland, Fox Valley Wood Products

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