Email - Setup and General Help

Questions about your Virtualtech email service?

Virtualtech supports several different ways to access your mail. While we provide personalized support for email setup, these instructions should provide enough information to walk you through the setup process.

Roundcube Webmail

The simplest way to use your Virtualtech email account is to use your Web browser to log into your Roundcube webmail account at (obviously, replace "yourdomain" with, well, your domain). All you need is your email address and password as provided to you by Virtualtech... no installation or setup is required.

A helpful explanation of the various menu items, etc. in our Roundcube webmail system can be found here.

Desktop/Laptop Email Client/Program

We also support several third party options using the IMAP4 protocol. Many different options are available to you, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, and many others.

We encourage our clients to set their accounts up using IMAP4, as it is much more robust than the old POP3 protocol, in particular allowing you to synchronize your mail across several devices such as your laptop, your phone, your tablet, etc., in addition to the Roundcube webmail. This allows you to not be "tied" to your main computer to access your email.

Please note that for full synchronization, all devices you are using MUST be set up to use IMAP4, not POP3. One thing to keep in mind is that, because all IMAP mail resides on our server, it is your responsibility to ensure that you don't exceed your assigned quota by promptly deleting/archiving old messages (tips on how to do this can be found here).

While we do support the POP3 protocol, many newer email clients do not (such as the latest versions of Windows Mail). We strongly discourage setting up a new account as a POP3 account unless you will only be accessing your mail account from one specific machine.

Mobile Devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.)

In today's world, you need your email to travel with you, available at a moment's notice. Virtualtech email is supported by all common mobile devices such as your Android phone or tablet, your iPhone or iPad, your Windows phone or tablet, and even that old Blackberry you still may have lying around.

Ready to set up your computer/phone?

For specific, step by step instructions on setup of each program/device, please enter your name, your email address, select the client/device, and click "Go!". If the program you wish to use is not listed, please select "Other".

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