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Mobile devices - smartphones, iPads, tablets - are becoming the norm for consumers to use when browsing the web. Today's websites need to be usable and 'mobile friendly' on all devices.

Any new website or redesign that Virtualtech does is a Responsive Website. These sites are coded to self-adjust the website to the device being used - computer, iPad, tablet, smartphone, etc. We create a design with images and text that is "fluid" to rearrange itself for the different screen sizes.

If you already have a website and are not in the position to redesign it, then a Mobile Web Page may be your best option. In this case, we create a mobile version of your home page for smartphones. By adding a "sniffer" to your home page, visitors that are using a mobile device are automatically taken to the mobile page. These pages can be created at any time and do not require a redesign of your website. In most cases, we can create this page for only $150.

Important Note - Search engines will rank responsive websites and mobile pages higher when someone does a search using a mobile device.

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