Internet Marketing Options

You have many options available to you when planning your successful Internet marketing campaign. Not all options will work for all websites. Virtualtech will help you to compare these options to determine which are best for you.

The most important advertising you can do is to include your Web address (URL) in ALL of your advertising including ads, flyers, business cards, your voice mail greeting, and every other place that your phone number appears.

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Additional Promotional Ideas

Link Popularity

Creating a network of links to your site will help in achieving a higher ranking on search engines. Your link network should include organizations you belong to, trade magazines, and related businesses that complement your offerings. However, beware of linking to "anyone and everyone"... having too many non-relevant links will dilute the relevant links you have and will adversely affect your search engine ranking.

Submit Your Site to Search Engines

Sites need to be submitted to search engines every four to six weeks. This submission should be done manually. Beware of the numerous programs that claim to increase your ranking by electronically submitting your site to hundreds of search engines! The major search engines (Yahoo, Google, and Bing) do not accept these automated submissions. Click for more details on search engine ranking.

Press Releases

Write a press release about your site and offerings. This should be mailed it to all print media resources that your target market is reading. Press releases should also be submitted to on-line sources.

Offer On-Site Promotions and Events

These will help to increase traffic to your site, as well as increase the number of times people come back to your site. You may want to run a contest or game, or feature a guest in your online chat area.

Publish a Newsletter

When visitors are at your site, ask them if they would like to receive a copy of your newsletter by e-mail. This allows you to keep your name in front of potential clients and keeping them updated on sales, events, and new products/services. A successful newsletter will provide useful information to the reader, not just be a sales pitch.

Site Statistics

One of the advantages of the Web is that you are able to track how many people visit your website, what pages they are go to and how long they stay. Virtualtech uses Google analytics on all sites we design or market.

Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can be very effective, if used properly. Using an "opt-in" e-mail list, sending attractive/informative messages and including an easy way to unsubscribe all help ensure a successful campaign. Check out our email marketing solutions.

Use an Email Signature File

The signature file is found at the end of an email and typically includes your name, company name, e-mail and Web addresses. You can also add a line of advertising. You can set up the signature file through your email program.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

These ads appear to the right on search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. These ads can be targeted by search terms, offerings, and locations. You only pay when someone visits your site and you can set a budget.

Social Media

Using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest provide another way to promote your products and services. Each have their benefits and not all will work for every business. Social media works, but takes time to develop. Check out our social media services.


Blogging is another way to get the word out about your products and services. It is a great way to provide open communication with clients and potential clients. Again, it is time consuming to have a successful and updated blog.

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