What’s up with all the new domain name extensions?

On November 16, 2000 ICANN, the governing Internet authority for domain names, approved new domain name extensions. They include .biz, .aero, .biz, .info, .coop, .museum, .name, and .pro.

What does this mean? What this means is that sometime in the spring of 2001 these extensions will be made available for businesses and  individuals to purchase. The reason for this is to offer additional domain name choices. Does this mean that you need to run right out and register these extensions. No! The "dot com" extension is so widely accepted as the "standard" Web extension that people are generally going to use it as their first choice when trying to find your site. At this point, ".com" is still going to be your best choice for a domain name. Do you need to protect your .com name by registering these other extensions? No, unless you are trying to protect a ’brand" or trademark.

February 1, 2001

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