9 Ways to Market Your Website

Here at Virtualtech, we focus on online marketing such as search engines, email marketing, and social media. However, there are lots of other ways to market your website and I thought I would share a few of those with you.

This is probably the most powerful marketing you can do.  People do business with people they know and trust. Here in the Fox Cities, there are many networking opportunities that will fit any schedule and budget.  For a list of networking opportunities, click here.

What a powerful marketing tool!  If people don’t know you, but they know the person referring you, they are more likely to contact you.  Ask for referrals.  Even pay for referrals.  This might be in the form of cash, gift certificates or credit on client invoices.  There is also an online referral site - Passing Green.  Anyone can set up a free account and then refer business to members.  You are then paid 5% of the sale.  Businesses can join for $95/year.  Learn more at https://www.passinggreen.com/

Traditional Marketing
Once a business has a website, they tend to feel they no longer need to put time or money into traditional marketing.  That just isn’t true.  How you use traditional marketing may change, but you still need to incorporate it.  Traditional marketing includes TV, radio, print, printed pieces such as a brochure, billboards, etc.  The biggest difference in your traditional marketing ads will be that you will direct people to your website or social media page, rather than having them call you.

Direct Mail
Even with email marketing and social media sites, direct mail is still a powerful marketing tool.  Using direct mail gets your information in the hands (literally) of your prospects.  Be creative - use an unusually shaped box, or a bizarre image on a post card, something to grab their attention.  I personally like using post cards as you don’t have to open it to read it.  It might get tossed out, but it still counts as a "touch".

People love their coupons and they are a great way to get people in the door.  There are so many ways to deliver coupons these days.  You can add a coupon to your Google Places listing, add to your social media page. send out with your newsletter, use a coupon magazine such as Saving Cash Magazine.

Greeting Cards
With facebook and email people are not sending greeting cards and hand written notes anymore.  But when you do, they are very powerful.  Send Out Cards has made it easy to mail greeting cards to friends, family, and business contacts.  You can select from 1000s of card designs, add a personal note, pictures and even your signature.    

Business Directory Sites
Look at getting your site listed on a local business directory site.  These sites offer a way to build your link popularity and a way for potential clients to find you.  For the businesses that do not have a website, these business directory sites give you a web presence for a very small investment.  One local business directory site is Rely Local.

Industry specific sites are also a good place to post ads and links.  You are able to take advantage of others promoting the site to a similar target audience. 

Press Release/Articles
Submitting press releases and articles has always been a powerful tool and they still are.  You should still be submitting to local newspapers, magazines, radio/TV stations, etc.  But you should also be submitting to online sources.  Now your article could be used in an online magazine, newsletter, blog, etc..  The number of potential readers is staggering.

QR Codes
You are starting to see these pop up on billboards, print ads, and even t-shirts.  They are new and getting attention.  These codes allow smart phone users to, with a single click of their camera, visit your website, view your video, or download your coupon.  You can create QR Codes for free at http://www.qrstuff.com/

Along with the above, use search engines, email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns and social media sites to market your website.

July 1, 2011

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