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"Link Popularity" is an important step in increasing your sites ranking on search engines. Basically, Link Popularity is a ranking criteria that some search engines use when listing sites. They look at both the number of sites that are linked to your site and the importance and relevance of those sites.  

Finding Your Site’s Link Popularity
I like to use, because it gives me results for Yahoo, MSN and Google.

After checking your Link Popularity, check out your competitions.  How does your Link Popularity stack up with theirs? 

How do search engines use Link Popularity? There are three factors search engines use when determining a sites ranking.  

Number of Links - Search engines will just count the number of relevant links to your site and then list those with more links higher.

Relevancy of Links - Relevant links are links that are helpful and important to your visitors. For example, let’s say your business is ABC Bridal. Links from florists, caterers, limo services, and travel agents are all relevant links. However, a link from a hardware store is not.  

Link Text - The text that is used in the link is a factor. That is one reason why a graphic links are not a good idea. Not only do you not have any text, but the search engine cannot see the graphic and does not know the link is there. You should be providing the specific text you want used. Going back to ABC Bridal: a link using would be ok seeing that bridal is used. However, a link that reads Wedding Dresses for Brides would be better as it contains three keywords. 

Ways to increase your link popularity. 

Ways not to increase your link popularity.

February 1, 2002

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