Benefits Every Customer Wants

Every customer expects your company to provide certain benefits, as a matter of doing business. If you are not providing these benefits, they will go to someone who does.  

Fast Results - Our society today is a "microwave society", people want instant gratification. They want to be able to download the latest game or manual for their new digital camera. Even if your business is providing a service, you can still offer fast results by providing enough information on your website to answer the most common questions. You can also provide a form for your visitor to ask you additional questions. Then reply to them within a matter of hours.

Easy Procedures - Customers want to be able to place an order quickly and easily. Shopping is supposed to be a fun experience: that in the end, customers will get something that will make their life better in some way. Your on-line store should be as streamlined as possible. Check out buttons should be easy to see and the process quick. Sales are lost every day because website owners decided to go the cheap route and are only providing a form for the customer to complete and email. The easier it is to make a purchase, the more sales you will receive.  

Personal Attention - Even on-line customers want to feel important. Be sure you provide them a way to communicate with you and ask questions. You should reply to those questions within a few hours. Follow up with a customer a week or so after they have received your product/service. Ask them if they received the item and if it was what they needed. If there were any problems, find out how you can correct them. This will make you stand out from all the other on-line stores.  
People love the convenience of the Internet. However, we still love to feel that our problems are more important than anyone else’s. If you address those problems and correct them, you will have a client for life.

How can I get my site listed on AOL?

On May 1, 2002 AOL announced that they were not renewing their contracts with Overture (ended May 1) and Inktomi (officially ends August, 2002). Instead they have signed a contract with Google to supply their search results. So what does all this mean to you? Well, to get your site listed on AOL, you must get your site listed on Google.  

Google has two submission programs; a free submission service, and a paid service called AdWords.

To submit a site for free go to and find their submission page.     

AdWords is a program that works similar to the bidding of keywords on Overture except that you are placing an ad on the search result page when keywords you want to target are searched on.

May 1, 2002

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