What Should My Newsletter Accomplish?

In my opinion, the purposes of a newsletter are to:

What you put in your newsletters is up to you. Virtualtech’s newsletters focus on websites, Internet marketing, and other business topics.  Other newsletters I receive include recipes, trivia, household tips, etc. It all depends on what you want to accomplish with your newsletter.  

There are two important elements to a newsletter. You must provide useful information that the reader can use right away. You also need to set a schedule for when a new newsletter will be available. The worst thing you can do is say it will be a monthly newsletter and then only have a quarterly one.   

Do not make your newsletter a sales pitch. Yes, one of the purposes of the newsletter is to generate sales, but you don’t want to annoy the reader.  By providing them with this service they will remember you when they are ready to buy.  Include articles with information that they can take and use right away. Include a recipe that they can make that night for dinner or a tip on how to clean crayon off the refrigerator door.  

Be creative with your newsletter, and have some fun with it. A client asked me what she should put in her newsletter. Her business focus is on helping people to reconnect to their inner being and change their way of thinking to improve their health and attitude. I suggested a "Food for Thought" section where she could include recipes for a soothing tea or soaking bath.

You will also need to decide how you will be delivering your newsletter. Will you have them printed and mailed? Create as an e-mail? Or offer the newsletter on-line? They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

In my opinion a newsletter is an essential marketing tool for every business... whether it is issued weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

July 1, 2002

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