My Web site seems to be getting less traffic. Why?

If you have noticed a drop in website traffic and sales, you are not alone.  Unless you have changed something about your site (META tags, less on-line marketing, etc) then the culprit behind the decreased traffic is... Summer.  People are not indoors sitting in front of their computers, they are out enjoying the weather.  

After the sixth client asked me why their website traffic has dropped, I decided it was time to do some research. I also figured our readers may have the same concerns, so I decided to share what I found. What I found was that less people are searching the Internet, which translates into less traffic to your site, which translates into less sales. Here are some statistics I found on concerning the number of searches that were done on a particular search term. 

 Term January March June
8,221 9,526 5,762
business start up 32,050 22,337 5,036
moccasins 8,126 8,676 5,234
clutch 11,187 10,704 7,292
house plan 370,757 374,479 233,751

From the chart above, you can see how much Internet traffic has dropped.  I believe that once the weather turns bad again (which here in Wisconsin will be sooner then we think) Internet traffic will increase, including traffic to your site.  

My recommendations to my clients have been to take this time and revisit your website design and purpose.  Update the information on the site and give it a fresh look.  This way when people are "surfing" again, your site will better catch their eye and their dollars.

September 1, 2002

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