Poor Website Design Where Search Engine Placement is Important

This is the first of a series.  Each month we will highlight website design mistakes that effect search engine ranking.  

Insufficient content. Your website should have at least 200 words of keyword-rich text per web page. Search engines will  determine what a web page is about based on the words used on that page. A page that is mostly pictures may be visually appealing to the visitor, but would mean nothing to a search engine.  Search engines cannot read photos or graphics.  Yes, you want your site to be appealing to your visitors, but you also need it to be listed on search engines.  

The text you use should contain the most important keywords that your customers will search for, not necessarily what you would search for.  If you make custom handwoven baskets be sure you mention this often.  Rather than just saying "we sell baskets" say "we make and sell custom  handwoven baskets". 

May 1, 2005

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