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We all have knowledge that others could benefit from.  Virtualtech News is a great example - each month I share with you information about Internet marketing and websites.  To me it is second nature, but to you, it could be the "missing link" to your success. 

You have this some opportunity within your field of expertise.  Why not share this knowledge and at the same time generate exposure of you and your products and services?  The best way to do this is to have an article published in an ezine (online newsletter).  Let’s look at how your business will benefit.  

Resource Box: AKA - Free advertising. The "resource box" is a couple of sentences about the author and generally will include contact information.  This is a great way to brand your name and business.  The amount of information included will depend on the publication but at a minimum it should include a link to your website. 

Here is what I have used in the past:

Tammy Miller is the owner of Virtualtech Web Site Design and Promotion, Inc. a website design and Internet marketing firm with over eight years of experience.  For more information please visit

Links Popularity: By having a link to your website in the "resource box", you will increase your link popularity each time the article is published.  This helps increase your search engine ranking. 

Build Credibility: Nothing builds credibility like having articles published.  Think about what it does for someone who writes a book: they are instantly "experts" in their field.  Published articles can do the same for you with less time and money.   

Target Your Audience: Rather than placing an ad in the newspaper and hoping someone who needs your product or service sees it, you can find and submit articles to ezines that cater to your specific target audience.  People voluntarily subscribe to ezines, so you know that the subscribers are interested in your topic and are looking for more information.  This maximizes the effectiveness of your article.  

Continued Exposure: When you submit an article, it not only goes out to the subscribers, but in most cases the article is also added to the publishers website archives.  This allows the article to be seen for many months if not years.  

Getting Started: Go to to find a large list of ezines that accept articles.  Once you have a list of ezines to submit to, write or polish off your article.  Have it proofread by at least two other people.  You are trying to create a brand and project a professional image.  Poor spelling and grammar will not help you reach your goal.  

This is a time consuming marketing method.  However, if you are consistent in writing and submitting articles, you will see an increase in traffic to your website, thus increasing your sales.  I recommend submitting an article at least four times a year.  Once a month is best.

May 1, 2005

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