When Selling...Be Yourself

When you are on a sales call, don’t focus all your attention on your product or service.  Spend some time on yourself.  In most cases, people will buy because of the person selling, not the product itself.  

Be You. Don’t be someone you are not just to get a sale.  Customers will see right through it and may think you are hiding something.  People want to work with people they enjoy spending time with and who they trust.  

Don’t Leave Your Humor at the Door. Don’t be the next Jeff Foxworthy either, but be comfortable enough with yourself to laugh if the appropriate time comes up. You need to show your prospect that you are human.   

Let There Be Silence.   You can learn a lot about someone by just watching and listening.  Don’t feel you need to be talking the entire time.  Sometimes the client needs to sit and think.  Let them... they may just talk themselves into the sale.  But be sure you are listening.  You don’t want them to ask you a question only to discover that you were thinking about the game on Sunday.

July 1, 2005

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