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Today’s Internet users are busy and in a hurry.  They need to solve a problem.  When these visitors arrive at your home page, it needs to tell them how they can use you to solve their problem.  

If they need a baby shower gift and you sell receiving blankets, your call to action might be "Buy Today"!   If you are a consultant specializing in environmentally issues, your call to action might be "subscribe now to our free newsletter".  A "Call to Action" will tell the visitor what you want them to do. That might lead to a sale. 

What is the most important thing people can do on your site?  Now focus on that task.   Can it be seen within the first 20 seconds of arriving at your site?  

Your Website content should compel the visitor to do something - read, buy, subscribe, or contact you.  Does it?

September 1, 2005

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