Become a Master Networker

Networking is work and includes more than seeing how many business cards you can hand out at an event.  The following traits  will make you a master networker.

Follow up on referrals. Whenever you are given a referral, be sure you are either calling them or sending information. 

Positive attitude. Positive business professionals are like magnets.  Others want to be around them and will send their friends, family and associates to them.

Trustworthy. When you give a referral, you are putting your reputation on the line.  So be sure that company will do a good job.  If they do not follow through, then you may look bad.  

Good listening skills. Opportunities to pass on referrals is all around us.  Listen for openings to mention other businesses in your circle.  The more you can give referrals, the more you will get in return. 

Always Be Networking. Networking should become so natural to you that you do it without thinking.  No matter where you are be prepared every time someone asks, "do you know anyone who...".  If you use a PDA have your contact list there.  If you are like me and use a paper calendar, purchase extra business card holders and fill it. 

Enjoy Being the "Go To Guy". Become so "connected" that people start to come to you for referrals.  If they need a logo designed and they don’t know someone personally, you want to be their first call.  By being a resource, you attract other businesses to your network because they know you will refer them whenever you can.

Attend Networking Events.  If you don’t get out and meet people, how will they meet you?  Attend chamber functions or join lead generating group such as Referrals Unlimited, Referrals America, or BNI.  (All three have chapters in the Appleton area).  

January 1, 2006

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