Are online classified ads worth investing in?

Besides search engines, there are a number of other ways to advertise your website.  One is classified ads found in E-zines (online newsletters).  These ads are often cost effective and very targeted. 

First, you will want to find E-zines that cater to your target market.  For example, if you sell fashion jewelry you will not want to advertise in an E-zine about baseball.  Instead, you will want to find an one that women and teen girls read.  

Once you find appropriate locations for your ads, you will need to contact the editor about pricing and submitting the ad. 

Once the ad is placed, you will want to track the results.  This will help you to determine where to put your marketing dollars in the future.  One way to do this is to have the ad direct people to a specific page on your website, created specifically for this purpose and not linked from any other page on your site.  (You may need your designer to create this page).  Your site statistics reports should show you the traffic to this particular page on your site.   

To find places to submit your ad, search your favorite search engine for "classified ads", "e-zines ads" or "on-line newsletters".  To narrow the search to your particular business, add it to the search terms.  Such as "e-zine about gardening".

May 1, 2006

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