Get Clear About Your Marketing Message

To create a productive marketing program, you first have to understand what values are you selling, and why anyone should care.

Who is your target market? Think of your best clients - list the qualities that make them ideal. If it’s important that they are pleasant to work with and have the means to pay you well - say so! List every important quality you can come up with. Consider geography, gender, age, income level, values, interests, etc.

What problems do your potential buyers face? List 5 distinct problems, issues, pains, predicaments, challenges, worries, fears - even if they seem unrelated to the services you offer.

How does your service solve these problems? What results do you produce? What can your clients expect to get out of your work with them? Don’t just list your services... instead, specify the end-result benefit they will receive.

What emotional gratification do your clients get from your services? If you are serving people, you need to be able to tap into the emotions that motivate them.

What are the unique advantages of your service over your competition? What makes you stand apart from your competitors? What makes you memorable or special? This includes your distinct blend of past experience, your personal philosophies and ways of working with people, your approach, your values, and simply, just the way you are.

As you create marketing pieces, use this information to ensure you are talking to the right people, in a way that they will understand and relate to.

February 1, 2007

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