Do you have a "Memorable Domain Name"?

Many of your domain names are the same as your company name. But is it hard to spell and does it say what you do?  That is where a "memorable domain name" comes in. This is a domain name that you can use anytime people will hear or see your domain name and need to remember it. (Radio ad, billboard, TV commercial). Your "memorable domain name" should be short, easily-remembered and point to your primary website.

How important is this "taking domain name"?  If you plan to utilize radio, TV, billboards, etc, to advertise your website, then it is important. For example, which is easier to remember; or

Here are some things to help you come up with a "memorable domain name":

What problems do you solve for clients?
When people come to you for your products/services, what do you do for them?  A massage therapist might use or a brake shop may use

What benefits or results do your clients see?
How do clients benefit by working with you or what results will they see? Do you save them time? Will they make more money? Will they have a healthier life? If you are a website designer you might use Or an accountant might use

Describe what you do.
Do you have a business name that doesn’t say what you do? You can use a "memorable domain name" to do that for you. For example, the name of your company is Myers International. Doesn’t say what you do. Your main domain might be but your memorable domain could be - Now you know that they deal with electric hoists.

To register a domain name go to

The above domain names were made up for this article, and may or may not be currently available.

April 1, 2007

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