Effective E-Mail Subject Lines

When you are sorting your email and deciding what to read and what to delete, what do you use?  Some people will decide based on who sent the email.  Most of us however, will use the subject line.  If this catches our eye, we will most likely open it. 

In theory your subject line can be as long as you like.  But in general, people will be able to see about 50 characters.  That’s all you have to use to attract their attention and convince them to open your email. 

If you plan to send monthly emails, then create a subject line that is recognizable.  Something that people will see and go, "Oh, cool, the Virtualtech Newsletter!". 

Consider a descriptive name for your regular emails (newsletter or updates) and then expand on it. For example:

Virtualtech News - New Search Engine Strategies

GD&T Tip - Consider a Corporate Addendum

Belsnickle Announcement - 2007 Pieces Releases

Clear and concise.  If you want to be creative, you can be, but don’t be so creative that people don’t know what it is about.  You also want to think about people keeping the email and having to find it later.  So make a subject line that will help them archive your emails.

April 1, 2007

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