How Link Popularity Is Figured

Search engines use the number of inbound links your site has as a measure of how important your site is, which translates into your Link Popularity, which helps to determine your search engine ranking.

Search engines also look at the relevancy of links to the subject matter of your site. For example, if your website sells cameras and has 2,500 links to it, but the source of those links are websites that have nothing to do with cameras or photography, the search engines will take that into account, and your link popularity score can actually be lower than if your site did not include these links. 

A higher score is given to a link that comes from a page that has actual content that relates to your search terms.  For example, if another website has posted a link to your site on their links page, that link is not nearly as valuable as a link to your site coming from a blog or a message board offering information about your product or service. 

An even higher score is given to a link if it contains your search terms.  For example: is not as powerful of a link as Internet Marketing Services would be. 

Increasing your link popularity takes time and effort, but the above information should help you spend your time wisely.  If you make posts on forums and blogs that are pertinent to the products and services you provide, be sure your include a link to your site.

June 1, 2007

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