The 3 C's of Marketing

You must know your who your target market is, along with your customers. What are their wants, needs and motivations? Go beyond the demographics and develop an understanding of their buying habits. When do that buy? Why do they buy? What do they buy?

You need to be consistent with your message and look. Just because you are bored with your ad, don’t assume that your customers are... or that your customers have even seen the ad. Virtualtech has been using the same ad for almost three years. The same layout is used for all print ads, business cards, and postcards. I have never had anyone tell me "man, you have to change your ad. I am so sick of it". Instead what I hear is "man, I see you everywhere!". By always using the same look, you are developing a brand. Wouldn’t you love to be the next Kleenex, Xerox, or Band-Aid?

Creativity is needed to stand out from the crowd. Creativity does not mean changing your logo every six months! Creativity means doing something to get additional attention or to get people talking. You need to "think outside the box". (Or in Taco Bell’s case, "think outside the bun").

In 1855 reports starting coming in that there was a Sea Serpent in Silver Lake. (Silver Lake is located near Perry, New York). As more sightings were confirmed, more and more people started to roll in to the small town, filling up hotel rooms, restaurants, and retail stores. Sightings continued for several years, until one day it just disappeared. The Sea Serpent was not seen again, though the stories continued. About 15 years after the last sighting there a fire in one of the hotels. During the search, fireman found a large amount of canvas and wire and the head of a Sea Serpent. As the story unfolded, it was discovered that three businessmen had gotten together to discuss the decline in business and what to do about it. They decided to create a Sea Serpent... which created business in the 1800s and continues to do so today with Perry’s Sea Serpent Festival. Now, that is creativity!

September 1, 2007

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