Don’t Let Excuses Stop You From Blogging

Blogs have become a powerful marketing tool for many companies.  When I talk to clients about adding a blog to their website, I often hear the following excuses as to why they don’t want one. However, if you are looking to increase traffic to your site in 2008, you need to give blogging a try.

Excuse Number 1 - My customers don’t read blogs. True, many customers will not go to your site weekly to see your lastest post. However, if they are searching for your products/services, there is a good chance that they have come across blogs in the search results. Well written blog entries can appear higher in search engines then standard web pages.

Excuse Number 2 - Blogging is just a fad. That is what I thought.  However, it does not look that way. Even if they are only here for a couple of years, do you want to miss out on the potential business one could bring you?

Excuse Number 3 - Blogs allow people to  leave negative comments. True, if you have a blog that allows people to reply, you will receive negative comments. However, the web gives people easy access to post negative comments anytime they want. But, if they leave negative feedback on your blog, you have the opportunity to respond and create something good from it. The other option is to have a blog that does not allow people to post comments.

Excuse Number 4 - Blogging takes time. We are all busy and it does take time to blog. (I find it hard to difficult time to blog myself). However, blogging is a marketing avenue that takes little to no money to set up. Don’t start by setting a goal to write a blog every day, instead, start with a goal of writing every week or every other week. Soon it will become a routine.

Excuse Number 5 - Blogging is for teenagers. Teens have embraced blogging, much like they have online videos and cell phones, but that does not mean blogging is just for teens. Your company can benefit from a blog, just like companies in the 1930’s benefited from telephones.  Besides, if your target marketing is teens, what better why to communicate with them?

Blogging, for better or for worse, is here to stay... and as your company moves forward you will want to take a another look at how blogs can help your business attract and keep customers. If you are interested in a blog, contact Tammy to discuss your options.

December 1, 2007

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