WebOuts: The Next Generation of Interacting With Website Visitors

Looking for a way to make your website stand out in 2008? Need an effective way to introduce your sales staff to perspective clients? Then you will want to look at WebOuts.

WebOuts are cutting edge technology that brings video and Web together. When a potential client visits your website, they watch you "walk” onto their screen and start talking to them. What a show shopper!

WebOuts are great for sales people. I don’t know about you, but I am always more comfortable talking to someone I know or at least have seen before. With WebOuts, prospective clients have already seen you, heard you talk, and got a glance of your personality. People like to do business with people they know, and WebOuts help them get to know you faster.

Often, when I go to a client’s’ office, I don’t need to introduce myself. They already know who I am and greet me by name. Now, that is powerful!

Perhaps your business sells ATVs. Imagine being able to drive an ATV onto your website, stop, take off your helmet, and start talking to your visitors. I am sure that is something they will not soon forget.

I have to tell you this story about my WebOut (which you can see at http://www.virtualtech.com).  I had a client I was speaking with last year around the holidays and sent her to my website. Well, she was so impressed with the WebOut that as family members arrived at her home for Christmas dinner, she dragged them to the computer saying “You have got to see this. It is so cool!”

So as you start to plan your marketing for 2008, consider adding a WebOut to your website, and let this unique way to communicate with your visitors set your company apart from your competitors!

December 1, 2007

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