Press Releases

An inexpensive way to promote your business is with the use of press releases.  These should be sent to newspapers (both big and small), magazines, and TV and radio stations in the area you do business in.

Newspapers and magazines have cut staff and are always on the lookout for content.  Not only do they look for interesting articles, but they also look for articles that are quick to add to the paper. 

Here are some tips to help get your press releases noticed.

News Worthy - Create releases that provide actual news or feature-story content, not just an advertisement about how great your business is. It needs to have interest appeal.  Whenever possible, use current events as a tie-in.  For example - let’s say that a local dentist office lost all patient records do to a fire.  Your business provides a safe and confidential way to store these types of records.  You could create a press release with tips on how to protect your business/client records. 

Make it Easy - Provide professionally done photographs, charts and graphs.  These help to fill space and create less work for the paper.

October 1, 2009

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