Lifelong Customers is the Best Way to Build Your Business

There are 3 main reasons why a customer does not return:

1) They have a bad experience
2) They don’t feel special
3) They are not encouraged to return

Many businesses will tell their customers that they are important but yet they don’t show their customers they are important.  Like the old saying says "Actions speak louder than words".

Here is a personal example.  Mike and I always buy an entertainment book full of coupons to area businesses and restaurants.  As a fun activity on Sundays, after church, we go through the coupon book and select a restaurant to go to.

One Sunday we selected a coupon for a business that was about 15 minutes from our house.  Someplace we had never been before.  We went, had a nice meal and thought that we would go back, even without a coupon... until we went to pay our bill.  At that time we were told very brusquely that they no longer accepted the entertainment coupons. No apology for the inconvenience.

What did this do?  Well, Mike and I had to pay $7.00 more than expected, the restaurant earned $7.00 more that day, and lost a customer.  We have not been back since and have no plans to.  Should someone ask me about them, I would relate this experience and definitely NOT recommend them.

Their ads say that they are a friendly place to go with great service and homemade food.  But the service I got that day was not great.

Are you SHOWING your customers that you appreciate their business?

April 1, 2010

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