Is your site mobile ready?

Mobile devices - smartphones, iPads, tablets - are becoming the norm for consumers and even some businesses.  Today’s websites need to be usable on a wide range of devices.

Your Three Options....

Mobile Friendly Website - this means that your site will work on mobile devices.  The visitor may need to zoom in and out, but the site and links work.  Most websites will fit into this category and though this might be fine for some businesses, most need to provide a better user experience.

Mobile Website - in this case, a separate site is created specifically for smartphones.  These sites are designed with less images and text.  By adding a "sniffer" to your main site, visitors to your site using a mobile device are automatically taken to the mobile site.  These sites can be created at any time, do not require a redesign of your main site and are cost effective at only $75 per page.

A couple of examples include:

Main site is
Mobile site is

Vande Hey Raleigh
Main site is
Mobile site is

Responsive Website - Your Best Option - these sites are coded to self-adjust the website to the device being used - computer, iPad, tablet, smartphone, etc.  We create a design with images and text that is "fluid" to rearrange itself for the different screen sizes.  This option needs to be done as part of the initial design or during a redesign project.  To see how a responsive site reacts, go to the following sites using your computer and make your browser window smaller.

Important Note

Search engines will rank mobile sites higher when someone does a search using a mobile device.

July 24, 2014

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