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You have come to understand that it would be necessary for you to expand your marketing efforts to include the Internet. So, you did your homework, found a Web designer, and had your website designed and uploaded to the Web. Your Internet presence is there for the world to see! Congratulations!

One of the greatest benefits of the Web is being able to track the activity on your site. You can see how many people visit your site, on what day they visited, and what pages they are going to. This information helps you to better understand your market and how your site is helping your business. This information is also helpful to track other advertising you do. Let’s say for example on Mondays you average 30 visitors to your site. You then place an ad in the Sunday paper advertising your website. On the Monday after the ad appeared the number of visitors to your site jumped to 70. This tells you that the ad you ran in the newspaper did what it was supposed to.... get people to your website.

If you haven’t in while or ever, checked out your site log report, do it now.  Don’t have access to this information? Then get a new hosting company.  This information if vital to the success of your website and ultimately your business.

Virtualtech offers AWStats with all of our hosting packages.   The AWStats interface breaks down all of your site visitors information and presents it in a colorful, graph-oriented format, easy to read and understand.
Marketing Tip
The best way to marketing your website is to start with the basics. Your web address (URL) should be EVERYPLACE your phone number is. This would include but is not limited to: business cards, letter head, phone book ad, invoices, etc. Your email address should also be listed. If space is limited, it is best to have your web address instead of your email address. A potential client can go to your website and get your email address.

Another great place to put your web address is on your answering machine. When a client calls and gets your voice message with your web address, they can then instantly go to your site and learn about the products and services you offer. Otherwise, they will just have to leave a message and the phone tag wars begins.

March 1, 2000

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