Essentials for an Effective Email Blast

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that you should be using. Often I will hear clients say, "I hate getting spam and don’t want to send it to my clients".  I agree, you don’t want to send spam, but you do want to send useful information about new products/services, awards won, new employees, events, special offers, etc.

Here is a list of things you can do to help ensure what you are sending out is not spam, but rather emails that people want to receive.

Permission Based List
Don’t purchase email lists, or go to a business expo and collect as many business cards as you can and  add to your list. People must ask to be on your list.   Instead use a signup form on your website, expo booth or at your register.

Protect Your Sender Reputation
Sending out too many emails through your ISP or generating a high number of complaints can get your emails blocked or even blacklisted.  You can minimize this from happening by only sending to opt-in lists and honoring unsubscribe requests.  Using a third party email program, such as iContact, will also help.

Keep Your Lists Clean
A “dirty” list – one with incorrect, out-of-date or duplicated addresses – hurts your sender reputation. If you are managing the list yourself, not through a third party provider, you will need to manually remove any email addresses that bounce after each blast is sent.  If you have reports, review them to see who hasn’t opened your emails in the past six months.  These contacts may need a compelling offer to pique their interest again.

Focus on Quality, Not Size
Yes, you want to grow your list, but you also want to send your email blasts to the right people, i.e. Your target market.  Using sign-up forms on your website and at your point of sale will help add people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Test Your Email Blast
Everytime you send out an email blast you should be testing some component, such as subject line, offer, day sent, and time of day sent.  Your results will provide new ideas and help you stop using things that don’t work.

Set Goals for Success
Don’t measure the success of the email blast by the number of opens alone.  Think about your objectives and how to measure them.  For example, when I sent out an email last fall about a website redesign offer, I set a target of five redesign projects.  I looked at the number of opens, but if I only had five people open the email and all five wanted a site redesigned, the campaign was a success.  

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January 1, 2011

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