Be Prepared Should Your Hosting Provider Go Out Of Business

If you have ever tried to find a place to host your website, you know that there are hundreds of companies willing to host your site. In the past we have looked at what to look for when choosing a host. Today, we will look at what you can do to protect yourself should your hosting company go out of business.

First and foremost sign a contract and keep a copy! This contract should outline what type of server you are getting, cost of the server, length of contract term, what happens should you cancel before the term is up and what the company will do should they terminate the contract.  

Keep an updated backup copy of your website, either on CD or on your computer. Should your hosting company go out of business, they may or may not provide you with a copy of your site. If you don’t have a copy of your site, you would have to redesign your site from scratch, costing you additional time, money, and possible loss of business.  Your website  designer should provide you with a copy of your site.

When your domain name is register be sure that you are the owner of the name and that you are at least one of the contacts. If you have to move your site to a new server your domain name will need to be redirected. If you are one of the contacts this makes the process faster and easier.

Know who actually owns the machines you are renting server space on. Many companies are reseller of the server space. Should the reseller go out of business you will need to contact the actual owner of the server in order to retrieve your website and email. 

Keep in mind however, that the parent company may need the resellers permission to release the information to you, or they may charge you a fee to recover the information.

September 1, 2000

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