Ways NOT To Promote Your website

We tend to focus our energies on how to promote and market website. This month I wanted to look at marketing methods that don’t seem to work for most sites.

Banner Ads
There are two ways to use banner ads to promote your site. Using a free banner exchange program like "Link Exchange" or purchasing a banner ad on website or search engines.

Banner Exchange Programs:
These programs allow you to place your banner ad on other sites in exchange for you allowing a banner ad to be placed on your website.  Things to keep in mind before signing up for this program:

Purchasing banner ads on search engines and other website:  
The last statistics I saw was that banner ads are getting an average click through rate of less than 1%. What this means is that for every 100 people that see the banner ad, less then 1will actually click on the ad. The cost to place a banner ad is based on either charging per click through or a flat monthly rate.

Electronic Submission
Electronic submission is the process of completing an on-line form and then having it transmit your website information to search engines instead of going to each individual search engine and completing their forms individually. The top search engines (Yahoo, Google, MSN) will not accept electronic submissions.

The only time you would want to use an electronic submission is if you are trying to increase the number of links to your website. At this time, search engines are using the number of links to and from your site to help rank your site. Electronic submissions may help increase links to your site, at least temporarily. However, don’t use electronic submission solely. Hand submit your site every six weeks for best results.

Domain Names (URL)
If your domain name looks something like this: www.freehosting.com/ads/yourcompany then it is not a top-level domain name. If you are serious about having a successful Internet business, spend the $20.00 a year and secure a top level domain name such as www.yourcompany.com. Search engines tend to not take top level domain names seriously.  

Search Engines Placement Guarantees
I’m sure that since your website  went live you have been bombarded with emails from companies guaranteeing that they will get your site listed on the top 300 search engines for $29.99. Save your money! First off, those top 300 search engines only account for 7 to 10% of all Internet searches. Second, the most popular search engines (Yahoo, Google, MSN) are not included. Three, read their guarantee carefully. In a lot of cases they are guaranteeing that your site will be listed on at least one search engine, under one search term of THEIR choosing. For example:  if I went to AltaVista and searched on "www.virtualtech.com"  I would be VERY surprised if Virtualtech was not at the top of the rankings.

November 1, 2000

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