Subject Lines That Get Noticed

What can you say in fifty characters?  Well, when it comes to email subject lines, that is all you get to create enough excitement and interest for the recipient to open your email.  This small number may seem like it is an impossible task, but it isn’t.  You do need to think about it and test different subject lines, but a well written one will get your email opened like that (snapping my fingers).

Here are some ideas to help.

Read a Newspaper
Newspaper headlines are a lot like email subject lines.  The purpose is to get you to read an article, with limited text.  Subject lines work the same way and should clearly state what your reader can expect from your email. Think of it as a "what’s in it for them".

Focus on the Objective
What is your goal for the email blast?  Is it a large number of opens or something more specific such as ordering gift certificates?  Determine what that one action is, and make sure all components of your email – especially the subject line – achieve that goal. Here are some examples:

Writing the subject line is often the last and most hurried step in sending an email blast.  As you plan the email blast, start thinking about your subject line right away.

Use Deadlines
A recipient of your email is more likely to act on your offer if they have an urgent reason to do so.  Where appropriate, drive urgency with messaging such as:

You may also want to use urgency and deadlines as part of a series of emails. For example on December 20 use "Only 5 Days Till Christmas", then on December 24 use "Last 5 hours to order Gift Certificates".  Don’t overuse deadlines, as it will diminish their importance when you do use them.

Don’t Mislead
While it’s important to drive a sense of urgency, it is more important to maintain your company’s integrity.  Here are some things you don’t want to do:

"Free" is not Evil

Yes, you can use the word free in a subject line. People respond very well to free things, and it will often increase your click rate. Do follow these simple rules:

Email Marketing is Ongoing

It is easy to get discouraged when the first email blast results in little to no sales.  Just like with any other marketing program, it takes time, touches, and tests. Don’t give up after just one or two.  People may just be getting used to seeing your name pop up in their email box... don’t disappear.  Or, they are just not ready to buy yet.

Here is a true "Tammy" story.  "I started receiving emails from a coffeecake company in March, 2009.  I was not interested so just deleted it.  I didn’t unsubscribe, so for the next 9 months I continued to delete emails without opening.  However, on the 10th month I was in the market to send a friend of mine a Christmas gift.  And guess what, the coffeecake email showed up again.  I had never ordered from them, but I "know" them.  I ordered, and they shipped the item to my friend and she loved it.  Another 9 months went by and I now I needed a birthday gift for my sister.  Well, I decided to order from them again. She liked it so much that this Christmas she ordered several coffeecakes.  If this company had stopped sending emails to me after 2 or 3 times they would have missed out on several orders.

Think about it....

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February 1, 2011

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