Michael Schultz

Vice President of Operations

As Virtualtech’s Vice President of Operations, my focus is on "making things work". I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and lowering costs by constantly updating Virtualtech’s business procedures and maintaining Virtualtech’s quality standards... all while maintaining Virtualtech’s competitive pricing.

I am a registered member of the Microsoft Partner program and handle all of Virtualtech’s network and software/hardware maintenance, both internal and external. Tammy claims that I have memorized all 2500 pages of the book "Mastering Windows 2000 Server". While this may or may not be true, I did build our Web server and am responsible for ensuring that our hosting service is reliable and properly maintained.

I belong to several online discussion groups, participating at both a user and advisory level to make sure that Virtualtech has all of the tools necessary to maintain our design and network standards. I am a member of the HTML Writers Guild, and am also a member of the US chapter of Mensa.

I hold several certifications in various scripting languages, and I coordinate all of Virtualtech’s "back-end" design duties utilizing custom Web scripting (including ASP/VBScript, PHP, JavaScript, MivaScript, and HTML). If you are a client of Virtualtech and have a technical support issue, I am your point of contact.

Additionally, I wear the accounting and finance hats, and I shovel the walk in winter.

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