Tammy Schultz


As Virtualtech’s president, I take great pride in establishing Virtualtech as a rising star among Web development firms in the United States. I am the company’s first point of contact for prospective clients. My clients have told me that my positive attitude and professionalism is a refreshing change for business people looking for straight answers to questions about marketing on the Internet.

Let me make one thing clear... my background is in marketing, not in computers. Mike claims that if there was a way to design websites without using a computer, I would have found it by now. When I meet with you to discuss how Virtualtech can help you, I promise to speak plain English and not bombard you with a lot of technical terms. I will answer your questions and explain the Web in terms you will understand and can relate to. After our meeting, I want you to say to yourself: "Wow, I never heard it explained so clearly before. For once I understand!".

In addition to marketing the business and contacting new clients, I focus my time on researching new ways to drive traffic to your website. The search engines are constantly changing their criteria for ranking sites, and I understand that we must adjust our strategies as these changes occur. I personally see to it that websites are hand submitted to the top search engines and achieve a high ranking.

Additionally, I am a professional speaker and trainer.  I have written several articles for various newspapers, magazines and books, and have hosted and co-produced a number of cable television shows.

In my spare time I like to flower garden, read historical romances and play with my dogs.  In 2016, I earned my 3rd Degree Black Belt in Karate. 

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